Quality Products

Maass Flange Canada Inc.is proud to be manufacturing to the highest standards in the industry.




This is in addition to Maass' own comprehensive Quality Control Procedures.

PMI (Positive Material Identification)
All of the material that enters Maass Flange Canada is subjected to a PMI test using an Optical Spectrometer.  The spectrometer burns a tiny point into the metal and reads the chemical make up of the gas that is discharged.  The burning in no way hinders the structural integrity of the product.  We then receive a computer print out with the material verification and chemical composition.  100% of our products are PMI tested.  This ensures that when a customer orders 304L, they receive 304L.  We place our stamp of approval on it.
Actual Dimensional Verification
Using the latest in computer Statistical Process Analysis, we chart and stat all of our products as they come off of the machines.  Our highly qualified Quality Control Personnel measure the actual dimensions of each piece using only the most precisely calibrated equipment.  This information is then fed into the computer and it informs us of any errors.  Once passed by the computer it prints out a comprehensive analysis so that our Quality Control can easily confirm that our customers are receiving only the best products.


Other Companies Standards

Maass Flange Canada Inc. is proud to be on the approval lists of all of Canada's  Major petro-chemical, chemical and refining industries.

        • Dow
        • Suncor
        • Syncrude
        • Shell
        • Petro Canada
        • Fluor
        • Dupont
        • Husky
        • Esso
        • PanCanadian
        • Hibernia
        • Nova