Fast Delivery

Maass is proud of it's ability to fill our customer's requirements in the shortest amount of time.

Here's how it's possible.

        •  A complete line of stocked finished products.
        • We also stock enough raw material to respond to emergency situations.
        • Quality, trained professional employees.
        • Three new CNC machines that has given us a 400% increase in productivity.



Local Delivery
With daily runs to Sarnia, Ontario, Maass Flange Canada Inc. offers free delivery to anyone in the area.
Break Downs
Maass Flange Canada Inc. has been hit with scenarios like this one many times. A stainless house called on a Saturday morning.   Their line is down and they needed an 18" 600 RF S160 WN in 321 material. We had the material forged at our facility in Houston, Texas and on a plane that day.   We picked the forging up in Detroit in the early hours of Sunday.  The flange was machined, and shipped by noon.  The customer received the unique part, and had it installed 36 hours after we got the call that Saturday.
Traced Delivery
If you need a package traced during delivery for added insurance, we'll provide that service.  If a carrier's truck is slowed down in Red Deer, Saskatchewan, you'll be the first to know.
Delivery Performance
Using the latest in Statistical Process Analysis, Maass Flange Canada keeps an internal record of how each order is progressing.  Everything, including machining time and packaging time, is recorded and entered into the computer.  It immediately points out if there is any danger of a late delivery so that we can take the appropriate measures to get the customer the product on time.